Think of us as Lego bricks for smart city
Award-winning Wi-Fi mesh gateway for smart cities and disaster relief.

A robust Smart City gateway.

MeshPoint.One is designed as a platform to develop your own smart city solutions. Easily expandable both in hardware and software domains.

It was difficult to choose from the excellent shortlist, but we’re delighted that MeshPoint was chosen as the winner.

The Europas awards - MeshPoint wins 'best humanitarian technology' award
Meshpoint is simple and easy to use and quick to set up, which makes it perfect for rapid deployment of Internet hotspots and wireless mesh networking infrastructure

Boing boing - Meshing, rugged, free/open wifi routers for refugee camps
He’s now working on a compact, durable router called MeshPoint, which will use open-source software to give hundreds of people internet access at once.

The Atlantic - How technology helps in a humanitarian crisis
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The building blocks of a smart city

High-speed and high-capacity connectivity transforms cities into inclusive, social and connected public spaces.

MeshPoint.One is a proven and accessible solution designed to meet the evergrowing demands of emerging smart cities.

Easy maintenance

Smart and innovative design makes for a simple setup and upkeep while reducing operating costs.


Quality, secure and reliable connection with up to 450 devices connected to a single unit.

Communication support for crisis situations

We enable safe and secure communication in matter of minutes, not hours or days.

A safe, secure and robust mesh communication network helps first responders, rescue services and humanitarian organizations to cooperate and coordinate their rescue and action plans, greatly increasing their efficiency and efficacy.

Stable internet connection allows displaced people to be informed and connect to their loved ones. This is where we can help.

Rapid deployment

Portable communication network deployed within minutes, no matter the location and conditions, without assistance from trained professionals.


Out-of-the-box mesh networking feature allows for fast and simple utilization of multiple MeshPoint.One units.

Internet coverage for social events

Creating an added value to your social event has never been easier. Increase the engagement of your guests, let them share their experience with the world, utilize new marketing opportunities and expand your brand.

Reliable internet access

Quick high-density deployment, site-wide coverage and on-site support.

Custom mesh networking

Temporary broadband solution and uniquely designed mesh networks.

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